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“Dr. Sara is the perfect dentist for the timid (or terrified!). She’ll make it easy for you to overcome your fear of dentistry!”

“I just saw Dr. Riechers a few weeks ago after 12 years of hiding from bad dentistry! Although my blood pressure was off the chart, I had the MOST AMAZING experience. One tiny little cavity NOW WHAT! She drilled it NOVACAINE FREE at my request and there was no pain, no fuss, no shot trauma and I am now cavity free. I was so happy, I had my son examined, too. A perfect referral for her would be to recommend her to an entire family who perhaps fears dentistry, has been putting off those exams and is looking for affordable, compassionate and professional care. THIS OFFICE ROCKS!”

“I just brought both of my kids into see Dr. Sara. They were dreading going to the dentist. I was in the waiting room hearing laughing coming from inside the office, when I went to investigate I found my daughter having a great time! Sara and her staff are gentle, kind and professional. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I would recommend them for families or individuals. Dr. Sara is our new family dentist!”

I was really scared to go in after not seeing the dentist for 20 years but they were amazing! Everyone there is super nice.

Best dentist ice ever been to. My wife and I both loved the staff. They made going to the dentist as pleasant as it can be.

Best dentist and staff. Don’t propose work unless it’s needed. Another dentist in town told me I needed $6000 worth of dental work. Dr. Riechers did a second opinion and all I really needed was $1000 worth of work. I require special care for my visits and I’ve never been disappointed. She’s really there for YOU. I highly recommend her.

“I have had many dentists in my life. Sara, by far, is the most compassionate dentist. Thank you and all the gals for making my experience as pleasant as possible.”

When I found Compassionate Dentistry I found the best dentist there is. I had a partial upper plate made that they did an incredible job with. Great to be able to eat again. Dr. Sara Riechers is the greatest dentist I’ve ever had. She is an expert in her field and cares about her patients. Her staff are very friendly and they all just make you feel at home. I’m usually not one to recommend anything, but I would recommend this dentist to anyone that asks me who they should go to.

“If you are to ask yourself honestly, do you look forward to going to see your dentist? If you answer truthfully and your answer is NO than you are going to the wrong dentist. I Love My Dentist!

Everyone was so nice @ the office! I absolutely loved and felt “safe” there and felt part of Dr. Sara’s office- from Bridget behind the front desk to Kim the assistant.

Good spirit present in the office, kind gentle spirit especially present between Dr. Riechers and Assistant Sarah.

“Bridget is such a kind and knowledgeable office manager, she always remembers who I am and asks about my family. Kaylin does an amazing job at cleaning my teeth, very thorough and gentle, and gives me helpful feedback. Sara is a fabulous dentist, I trust her, especially because she is honest and is serious about giving essential care, not just making a buck like so many dentists seem to do.”